Grilled Haxe, beer sauce (Franconian style)

Before giving birth my baby girl, I and my husband used to go out for meal when we took a walk in town. There are many different restaurants from many cooking styles but the most impressive one is Grilled haxe with beer sauce and more than 10 restaurants in town present this dish to you with their own style but in general from this Franconian regional.

I am interested in trying to make this with my own style but till stick with traditional sauce from beer and served with potato.



Chao Tom – Fried rolled Shrimp with vegatables

One of my favorite cooking dishes is Shrimp or Pawn (whatever you prefer to call). So, today, I present a dish with the name CHAO TOM. I have no idea why but honestly…I love this one so much and i make me have to try it

because I can not find any sugarcane here in Germany, so I replace with lemongrass stick and it works. The smell and taste from lemongrass will make your meal more delicious and you will ask for more to eat.

Let’s try it

The vegetable is not easy to find here, so I recommend you come to any Asia Shop where they have this specific one for you. If you don’t have these..don’t make it.

and the most important is the sauce…if you are not person dare to try anything or afraid of smelling or tough tasting, I tell with chili source. And the sauce that you see here is called NUOC MAM, it’s super good to have with this dish.



Grilled paprika with meat

One of my favorite fruits is paprika. I like called it FRUIT because you can eat it fresh or even cook and there are many different ways to create your meal with this healthy fruit. It brings a lots of Vitamin C, A. You will see them in 4 difference colors and the red one is the one provide most Vitamin C. So, Cooking with this Fruit is not easy but not too difficult to make a healthy meal for your family.

Today, I pick grilling method with paprika for our dinner. It’s very simple and all you need are

paprika (of course!)





and a microwave