Making a blog doesn’t mean that you have to be a part of social network communication community, a professional blogger but I am interested in following which blogs or pages provide useful information and match to my professional career FASHION and LIFESTYLE.

After over 10 years working in this industry, I chose not to be a working mom after married…of course it doesn’t mean that I am not going to work anymore. This is a new challenge and experience of my life, I said.

and till now, this is a wonderful time for me to discover myself again as also look back to what I had done in the past and get ready for future.

After a year, I thought I should have a job which could help me to improve my poor German, meeting new people, friend (a good way to improve my friendship relationship too!!!), but seem everything is not easy for me…and I decide to work for my own by creating a job for me…mama hobbies was born just like that.

This is just a small project which help me to learn, share and improve my basic skills in Cooking, Sewing and writing only. So, I make it with joyful and pleasure without profit, commercial and nothing serious here.



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