Tet and the mood of missing someone special

This is the second year of mine which is my Tet away from home in Vietnam. It’s not because I don’t want to be home for Tet, it’s just because I couldn’t stay.

Have you ever missed someone or somethings that made you regret not to do with them or spending time with them to do something very special in very emotional feeling.? when you have to prepare for your own day..that made you melt down and even knee on the floor and keep saying that…I miss you so much.

I had 33 times enjoyed this occasion with this special person in my life. With someone it’s a lots but for me..it’s less than I want. I miss seeing her went to market not lees than 3 times per day to buy things she always said..”I forgot!!!!” or “..it was heavy…so I went home then come back later…” and every year she always said..” everything was expensive this year, last year it was only..bla..bla… and now…too higher!..I had 2 millions (ex..100$) in hands…till run out and till missing something not buying yet..!”. You would love the way she said that, I bet

And now, I have 2 times to prepare, run to get all things as you see from picture (of course, there are so different to compare the one prepared by her)

new year.jpg

I have no purpose to write all things here….I just have feeling missing her again…MY MOM.


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